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Our main goal is to inform young people and guide them in the right academic direction with the help of consultations and mentoring support. Our consultants are experts with a great deal of experience in the field of academic mobility. The mottos of our agency are: “education makes the world your oyster” and “knowledge is power”. Simply, studying abroad has long been regarded as a luxury inaccessible to the average young person and most usually reserved for the rich or geniuses with excellent grades at school. However, today you can discover that this is not the case!



by filling out this form you will quickly tell us who you are, what you do, and where you would like to continue your education.


There are three aspects of the analysis that we apply in order to direct candidates to the right academic institution. The first one, which is closely connected with the long-term goals of academic improvement, includes analysis of the candidate’s personality profile and the results they have achieved so far. After that, evaluation of all the relevant options is carried out in relation to the candidate's field of interest, which is inextricably linked to the way that he/she will be financed. The third stage involves analysis of the candidate’s preferences relating to where the applicant wishes to pursue his/her studies – the city or specific university, in the event that the above conditions are met. We approach all our work very seriously with a full focus on every single client, aware of the fact that the successful accomplishment of this step and enrolment at the desired educational institution abroad promotes the further development of that person. We create satisfied individuals who are the foundation of the healthy society that we are striving for.


Language schools are a very important segment when deciding on studying abroad. In most cases, language schools are indispensable in effective preparation for basic undergraduate studies. It is incomparably easier and more effective to prepare for entrance exams and language tests in the same educational institution or country where the candidate wishes to continue his/her studies.


Undergraduate studies represent one part of the basic package of services we offer, and this is also the most typical segment. There are hundreds of universities at over 20 destinations where we can help you enrol.  Due to the large amount of documentation and the details of the process, as well as the entrance and language tests, please contact us regarding this in good time, i.e. immediately!


Postgraduate studies are increasingly gaining in popularity due to the fact that all major universities in the most popular study abroad destinations offer programmes in English, so the candidate does not need to be burdened with learning the local language. Most often the participants have a few years of work experience, and so the maturity and initial awareness of the candidates greatly facilitate the process.