5 reasons why you should use student advisory services

Are you having difficulties applying for a study programme abroad? Do not worry, because your advisors for academic mobility and studying abroad are here to help you. Let us consider some of the main reasons for seeking professional help as far as this important process is concerned.

For many young people the mere thought of going abroad for further education awakens great enthusiasm. However, you need to invest a lot of effort and time in order to guarantee your place at your preferred university. Also, to prepare a perfect application which guarantees that you will almost certainly pass, you need, above all, knowledge and experience in the application process.

Higher education agencies, such as SAT Agency, are reliable partners who will point you in the right academic direction so that you can make the best possible decision, and after that, they will help you through every step of the process of applying to the preferred university, above all, by means of a proactive approach.


There is literally a whole army of experienced professionals worldwide who have dedicated their careers to precisely this area, as one of the key segments of a successful education system. These people get up early and go to work every morning in order to help young people like you. Doesn’t knowing that actually make you feel a little relieved?


This profession has definitely become popular during recent years, and there are many reasons for this. Not long ago it was published that an unbelievable 75% of all international students in Australia in the previous year were registered as using the assistance of education advisors. If you are not yet completely convinced, we offer you five key reasons why education advisors are a key component of every application:



Education advisors in renowned agencies often possess world-recognised certificates, and in many cases they have many years of experience in this area, as representatives of admissions offices of renowned education institutions.

This means that they have undergone rigorous training which enables them to be able to help you if there is any problem with your application during any phase of the application process. A good agent is particularly specialised in the application process, but also has broad knowledge and interest in related areas. One important reference for young advisors is that they are themselves former international students, so they can give you first-hand information which will interest you about studying and about life in the chosen country.


It is not uncommon for students to come to us already with an idea of which university they want to enrol at, but even after doing research into it, the process is not completely clear to them. They actually come to us to hear the opinions of experts who will best present to them all the advantages and disadvantages, as well as alternative, more attractive options. If the students still have no idea about where they want to continue their studies, this type of counselling is a vital stop on the way towards studying abroad.

There are a large number of issues that can arise during the process of evaluating the existing options and which might crucially affect one’s choice of university. From the ranking of the programmes and of the university itself, and the complicated process of enrolling at the university, to the possibility of gaining employment after graduating and student support services. An advisor for studying abroad is in fact someone who can give you all this information, so that the decision you make will be as informed as possible.

Students and high school pupils most often look for comparative analyses of several schools and academic programmes. The advice and training of the agent, as well as their preparation before the consultation itself on the given subject, are key in order for you to gain a clearer picture after our consultation. This approach is very important when candidates want to study in English and in a region where English is widely used, and they are unsure whether that should be North America (USA, Canada), Australia or the UK.

Just as useful, consultations are also an unavoidable phase for the parents, because they are the ones who take the final decision based on the family budget, which has been carefully prepared for the moment when their children move on to their undergraduate or Master’s studies. Even for parents who are having dilemmas, although their children already understand the need, advisors are there to point out the benefits of continuing one’s schooling abroad. They can help parents to be completely involved in every individual phase of this process. After all, we are talking about an investment which can change their children’s future, of course, for the better.



Because of the undoubtedly great significance of studying abroad in the life of a student, submitting the application carries with it a certain amount of anxiety. What if I do something wrong? What if I haven’t focused on the right things? Will I manage to get everything done by the given deadline? These are all questions that go through students’ minds, knowing that the most common outcome is that they will have to wait to enrol for the next year at school. However, with the professional help of an education advisor, you can be sure that even before the application is sent it will be complete and good-quality.

The best time to contact an education advisor is as soon as you find out about the possibility of continuing your studies abroad. That is when you make the process as effective as possible, because you can focus on the most realistic options without spreading yourself too thinly and daydreaming. You can immediately head off in the right direction. But wherever you find yourself in the application process, our advisors are always ready to come to your aid.

There are many ways in which advisors can help you with putting together an excellent application. For example, some higher education agencies offer workshops in cooperation with universities in order to explain to potential applicants what is required of them. Here particular emphasis is placed on putting your own personal stamp when writing a covering letter, as well as what all the recommendations should contain and how these will be submitted to the university. In the last few years, a lot has changed in this area, because there has been a lot of abuse of this procedure. Most renowned education institutions today explicitly require that the originals of all academic and professional references be sent from the institution’s official email account (.edu), while those sent from private email addresses (Gmail, etc.) will not be accepted. Also, after that, the person who has sent the recommendation to that same email address is send a questionnaire in which he/she has to answer a series of questions about how long you have known each other and in what capacity, the jobs and projects you have done together, etc. It is often the case that your teachers will also receive a telephone call to answer those same questions and thereby confirm their own identity. For this reason, we advise that you choose teachers with a fluent knowledge of English to give you a recommendation, and that they are also willing to answer this telephone call when it happens.


The visa application is unavoidable in every process of studying abroad, especially for young people from this region. Although it sometimes seems that this is an extremely complicated process, education advisors are there to explain everything you need to know in advance. There are several steps in applying for a visa, and the order of those steps and the way you approach the process itself varies from country to country. 

As the requirements for a student visa change from year to year, advisors are people who will ensure that you have access to immigration websites and that, in your communications with diplomatic representatives, you have information about any changes and developments regarding the procedures themselves. To make the whole process easier for you, advisors can offer assistance in translating, completing and submitting your applications. An advisor is there to explain to you all the right tools for putting together an appropriate application and to ensure that the process develops with a dynamic which enables the process to finish in time.



You have managed to get onto a study programme abroad and at the very same university that you have wanted to go to for years, after working together with your advisor. Your relationship does not finish there. On the contrary! There is a great chance that after such an experience, you will develop trust and understanding with your advisor, so you will not hesitate to share with him/her your dilemmas or issues that you might encounter during the studies themselves.

From the things you need to do right before you leave, to the things that end immediately after you land, your advisor is there for you, like your very own magician who will appear in order to present you with a solution and eliminate the dilemma. Opening a bank account, getting a bank card, the lowest bank charges, health insurance, public transport, accommodation on campus or in the immediate vicinity, opportunities for part-time work, school budgeting, student discounts – the list goes on and on.


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