Do you know where your favourite Game of Thrones heroes went to school?

You probably do not know where the heroes of Game of Thrones reached in their education.

While the Free Folk were fighting with the other tribes, while Daenerys was hatching her plot to take over the throne, while Jon was wandering beyond the wall and Cersei was persecuting absolutely everyone, on the other side of the camera some of them were rushing to graduate from university. As you have noticed, most of the acting crew are young, and some of them were already enrolled at university, so it was certainly not easy for their parents – to cut short their filming and participation in this world-famous series in order to finish what had been started or to allow them to travel to various locations so that they could be a part of this series.

Actress Maisie Williams (aka Arya Stark) was only 12 when she became part of the series’ cast, which meant that she still had four years of school left. In the UK when you reach 16 you take external exams and only then can you go out into the world, but Maisie could not wait that long. With her mother’s help, she hired private tutors and dropped out of school in order to concentrate on acting, which actually means that Maisie does not have a formal education.

The parents of Sophie Turner also had to take some difficult decisions when she was assigned the role of Sansa Stark. Namely, all the actors on set needed to have someone accompanying them and help them so Sophie’s mother decided that she would do this for her. She quit her job as a teacher in order to be with her daughter, but on the condition that when they were not filming Sophie would complete her school obligations. Before Game of Thrones, Sophie was offered a place at the prestigious Royal Ballet School, but she turned it down on the basis that she wanted to act professionally. Instead, she chose The King’s High School for Girls, where her drama teacher interested her in the eponymous series. Turner passed the audition, upon which she continued her education with tutors, achieving a B in Drama. “I don’t know how it happened,” she announced. 

Isaac Hempstead Wright was only 10 years old when he played the role of Bran Stark. We watched him in the series most of the time, except in 2015 and 2017 when he took a break to attend university. He was an outstanding student (he had all A’s in the sciences throughout secondary school), but it proved to be more difficult to maintain that standard at university. When the time came to enrol at the University of Birmingham and every fan of Game of Thrones knew his face, and there were fans everywhere, Isaac was assigned a police officer to escort him on the campus. This led to Isaac dropping out of university after eight weeks, but with the intention of returning after the series finished since he had developed a keen interest in neuroscience during his short attendance there.  

The most famous character from the series, Jon Snow, or Kit Harrington fell in love with acting when he was still at secondary school. He was attending Chantry School, where he actually made his first steps towards the small screen with his drama teacher. After leaving secondary school he attended Worcester Sixth Form College, where he was an enthusiastic student with many interests. After he finished college where he studied history, Kit moved to the capital. In London he enrolled in acting school where he graduated and became a star. He occasionally goes back to Worcester to help young hopes and looks in on the odd drama lesson.

Unlike many of them, Emilia Clarke does not come from a wealthy  family. She has emphasised several times that she is where she is thanks to her parents. She announced that her parents were not rich, but they still managed to send her and her brother to private schools. She attended The Squirrel School in Oxford, while her brother went to St. Edward’s School. For two people like them it was difficult to fit in since everyone played hockey and everyone wanted to be lawyers. After finishing secondary school with not so successful grades, most drama faculties in the UK rejected her. In the end, she still managed to enrol at the Drama Centre in London, where she was her teacher’s favourite student.

Alfie Allen is a character in the series who has always been in his father’s and sister’s shadows, but he made it to the final season and so became more famous than both of them. Theon Greyjoy was someone who did not have so many fans because of the many betrayals of the Stark family. The actor was expelled from most of the schools he attended. His restless family led to him not staying in any school for very long. His advice to young people is to not worry about everything and to enjoy their best years.

We know Jason Momoa better as Aquaman, but those of us who have invariably followed every episode remember him as Khal Drogo. The wild leader of the Dothraki, who did not make it through to the end of the series, left an indelible mark on the “Mother of Dragons”. His education gave him an excellent foundation for all these roles. Born in Hawaii and brought up in Iowa, he attended Norwalk High School. He continued at the Colorado State University, where he studied about wild animals. He started with marine biology and then transferred to wildlife biology.

Maybe your favourite heroes are also an example in terms of many things, but our warm advice is to continue your education and your investment in yourself. 

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