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Today it is a real joy to see a large number of young sportspeople who have the will and desire to become the best in the sport they are involved in. Apart from that, education and commitment to professional improvement play an important role on that road to growing up. Sport and education are often difficult to fit around each other, so young people most often commit themselves to one of these options and so give up the opportunity to be successful in the profession they have chosen or in the sport they play. The situation is like this because at our universities there are no sports teams nor are there possibilities for young sportspeople to enrol at university and improve their sporting qualities, train and compete for their college team. However, the situation is not like this everywhere. The US education system offers the possibility of combining “the beautiful and the useful”.

"Education and sport can go together"

Interest in going to the USA to study is very great, because young people, when they enrol at university, love to choose a path which offers them the possibility of continuing their studies and devoting themselves to training. For this reason, a large number of young sportspeople, and future students, go to America where such a possibility exists at almost every faculty, given that the sports teams inside the faculty themselves and their results contribute to a large extent to the image and reputation of the faculty, so it is in the interest of the university to have as good a sports team as possible, because in that way it affirms the college and attracts new students.  

This problem is resolved in a very effective way in the US education system within which it is possible to be actively involved in sports outside of the faculty. Namely, the majority of US universities have their own teams in most sports (as many as 29) and the education of sportspeople within sports teams is funded from the faculties’ budgets.

going to america

Going to the USA requires that certain conditions be met:

  • You must be 18-26 years of age, and it is recommended that in the process you enter the 3rd year of high school or start the 4th year. This is also important so that trainers can count on you being sportspeople and can work with you for a longer period.
  • You must be actively involved in sport, although that does not need to be at a professional level, because you can gain a scholarship even if you are at an amateur level
  • You must have passed the TOEFL and SAT test, which function as a kind of entrance examination for US universities

    Every sports scholarship is obtained for a period of one year, and afterwards your trainer again allocates the budget on the basis of the achieved results. The size of the scholarship that the student receives depends on his/her sporting abilities, and also on the time of year when he/she enrols at the university, given that you can go to America in January (spring semester) or August (fall semester).

    As an international student in the USA you automatically qualify to receive an international scholarship which is independent of the sports scholarship. You may apply for this scholarship as long as your average high school grade is 4.50 or higher. These scholarships vary from $2000 to $8000 per semester, so by combining the sports and international scholarships you can obtain complete financial cover, i.e. a full scholarship.

    Life in the USA

    Merely going to the USA offers many students various possibilities, such as meeting new people and exploring new cultures, presenting and sharing their own culture, and in addition they also have the possibility to travel all over the USA, as well as improve their English language. 

    International students have the possibility to work within their university, which is particularly recommended for students who do not have a full scholarship. There are numerous jobs that a student can do, such as working in the library, in the college post office or shop, working on looking after sports fields, etc. So that schooling and other university obligations are not neglected, a student is limited to working for 20 hours per week during the semester, but in this way a student can earn up to $600 per month, while during the vacation and public holidays a student is allowed to work up to 40 hours per week. If you are a workaholic our agency will be happy to help you in making enquiries regarding finding work at university. 

    During their schooling at a US university, students are accommodated on a university campus within which there are sports facilities (stadiums, halls, tennis courts, swimming pools, etc.), teaching blocks and halls of residence, entertainment facilities, etc. So we can say that within the campus everything is tailored to the students’ needs, and because of this it is significantly easier to organise one’s time and finish one’s studies. Besides that, this is also makes things easier for students and their parents financially speaking, since monthly expenses for student accommodation on campus are significantly lower than renting an apartment or flat. This experience offers every student the possibility to leave their comfort zone, and this can also be an opportunity to extend their stay in the United States after finishing their studies.


    As far as classes at US universities are concerned, in the first year of studies all students attend the same courses, which is helpful for international students, because it enables them to adapt to the American education system for a year, to get to know the new environment and to discover what they are interested in and in which direction they would like to continue their education. Thus by the end of the first year of studies, students decide on their orientation which will determine their future career.

    At most universities the academic year is divided into 2 semesters, just as it is organised in Serbia:

    • the first semester lasts from August to December (fall semester)
    • the second semester last from January to May (spring semester)
    • summer school – which is not obligatory for all students, but enables students to expedite their schooling or to improve unsatisfactory grades during the semester

      Lessons and training are arranged so that students also have time for themselves and time for hanging out, although the students are expected to successfully learn the course material, as well as to contribute to a sports team by playing well, to be at lessons and training regularly and to produce good results in both areas, because the educational concept is designed to make this possible. Every success in the sphere of lessons and sports gives students the possibility to obtain a larger scholarship or free schooling in the following academic year.

      Also, the US education system uses a system of credits for grades, unlike the Serbian system in which we have ECTS points. In order to finish four-year studies, every student must obtain between 120 and 130 credits, depending on the programme. This means that the student can on average obtain roughly 15 credits per semester, and each subject that the student takes carries between 1 and 4 credits. A particular advantage of the studies is that students choose the subjects they wish to study themselves and make their own timetable. Also, students who have problems learning the course material from a certain subject have the opportunity to do additional work with their teachers.


      The choice of courses at US universities is very varied, although our people mostly decide to study management and marketing. Besides this, international students are offered the possibility of choosing the course that interests them most and to train towards the profession that they want (medicine, law, economics, languages and literature, etc.). 

      The diploma that students obtain after successfully finishing an American university offers them the opportunity to work in Europe, and even in Serbia if they decide to return. In the field of business, the door to the world is open to them, because the experience they gain there and their knowledge of English language are the key to opening doors all around the world. Also, students who want to continue to master the profession they have chosen or the sport they are involved in, have the possibility to enrol in Master’s and PhD studies and to continue to play sport professionally.

      For all those who would like the opportunity, but also a great life adventure, this is definitely a wonderful chance.

      Remember – if you don’t try you’ll never know whether you could have succeeded.

      Sporting greetings!

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