study in the usa?

    It is not difficult to understand why a large number of international students are striving to continue their education in the USA – it has an extremely high number of quality public and private universities in the world's top 100, which cannot be said of any other country in the world; it has 50 states that one can visit, the largest network of sports universities in the world, and incredibly large food portions offered on almost every corner. However, these are not the only reasons. From professional orientation to coaching, US universities make tremendous efforts to make your stay feel like home. The USA is regarded as "a promising country" with good reason. If you are looking for overseas studies that will allow you to work after completing your studies, look no further than the USA.


    Staying in the USA after completing one’s studies is quite rare, mainly due to the difficulties regarding the process of obtaining a work visa and sorting out one’s stay. Nevertheless, the reputation of US universities is still extremely high, which in a way singles you out from the rest of the competition when applying for a job anywhere in the world.

    This is because of something called OPT or Optical Practical Training, which represents a 12-month period that you can use to work and thus master practical skills. Since a work visa is quite difficult to obtain, we would recommend OPT, which will provide you with valuable work experience in the USA in your profession. What is more, if you work diligently, the company where you have done your internship can offer you a permanent contract and help you with your work visa application in the USA.

    The reputation of the United States as the country with the best education system in the world cannot be overstated. According to a recent survey conducted by the prestigious Time magazine, as many as 54 US universities are on the list of the top 150 universities in the world, which ranks it ahead of the UK, which is next in line with 23 of its universities on that list. One of the reasons why the USA has such a first-class education system is the high level of quality teaching staff they employ in their institutions. The lecturers and researchers at these universities are often among the best in their areas with brilliant CVs.

    Flexibility is reflected in the fact that your major (the subject students decide to specialise in), once chosen, can easily be changed during your studies if you realise that the chosen programme is not your cup of tea after all. Therefore, instead of dropping out of your studies or changing university, you can choose to study something completely different within the programme offered by your current university. In other words, you can enter the university and the desired programme, such as business administration and management, and still graduate with a degree in English and Spanish if you later realise that that this is your preference.

    How much does it cost to study in the USA?


    Depending upon whether you are a US citizen or an international student, studying in America may cost you between $ 10,000 - $ 61,000 per year. It may as well depend on the programme you choose from a  wide array of possibilities  such as Certificate programme, Community college programme, BA, MA, MBA or PhD studies. US citizens have at their disposal  state and private credit institutions, as well as private foundations as sources of funding.. There are sports and academic scholarships granted to international students, intended for top athletes and excellent students. Such is The SAT agency which deals with sports scholarships. For more information, visit the section on the site labeled as "sports scholarships" tab.


    Ivy League universities (Harvard, Stanford, Yale, etc.) are the most expensive and as such they have established highly demanding requirements for enrollment. It would be less difficult to enroll at MA or PhD studies than at BA, since the criteria are as equally high as tuition fees, and scholarships are reserved for the best students exclusively! Besides, you will also have to pay $ 10,000 to $ 15,000 designated for living expenses. On this account, it is of utmost importance that you have available funds on your account that would serve as a financial guarantee in order to obtain a visa. A visa may be one of the most challenging steps when considering to study in the USA, as the criteria you have to meet have been recently raised, even though if you are a college student. Visas are easier to obtain if you are student of prestigious university, if you are granted scholarships or tuition reductions.

    visas for studying in the usa 

    The greatest obstacle to studying in the USA is obtaining the visa itself. Australia and the USA are known as countries where a visa is extremely difficult to obtain and, most often is only available to students who have plenty of financial means or are top athletes. What is of utmost importance for obtaining a US visa is the confirmation that you possess financial resources ranging from $20,000 to $40,000, and sometimes even more if you decide to apply to a prestigious college, such as Harvard University, MIT or similar.


    A visa is obtained for the duration of the studies, and you are informed about the outcome on the same day that you have a scheduled appointment for obtaining the visa. People’s experiences are different, but practice has shown that if you have enough money to finance your studies for a period of at least a year and if you have strong ties to your country, you stand great chances of going to the USA.


    What is also crucial is that prior to obtaining the visa itself, you must obtain an I20 document – the official confirmation, from the college where you applied, that you have been accepted, which is delivered to your home address. In addition, a SEVIS fee is paid, which costs around $200, and the appointment for the visa, which is around $120. The most important document is the application form, from which embassy officials gain most information about the candidate him/herself. You should not be surprised if they do not ask you anything during the interview and only grant or deny you the visa.


    You will need two photographs, an application form, bank account statements and the funds for your studies, proof of the origin of the money, an I20, and any additional documents that demonstrate that you have strong connections to your country. Any copied documents should not be older than six months on the day of the interview.

    student accommodation in the usa 

    Being an international student, you will be provided by the US campus with a platform for acquiring new friendships through their well-developed pairing system which is extremely popular in the USA.

    For many students, moving abroad to study is a step full of uncertainty, so this situation is greatly facilitated by the fact that there is a person who will come to your aid if necessary. For this very reason, living with a roommate, which is quite popular and well-developed in the USA, is the key element of this experience. It is natural and normal for international students to feel a bit apprehensive about the upcoming first semester, but given that everybody is friendly, such a feeling fades away quite fast as students engage in their day to day tasks.

    The existence of a legal norm which declares that first-year students must be able to live in student dorms within the campus for a period of at least a year is not limiting the constant increase in the popularity of cohabitation in large apartments after the second year. Accommodation facilities in US universities are quite spacious, and the rooms are generally sufficient for the comfortable life of two students. In addition to the roommate with whom you share a room, on the same floor you will share a kitchen and a bathroom with your neighbours on the same floor. However, unlike other countries, most US universities have meal plans and food is served in cafeterias.

    In dormitories, there are mentors who will visit your room at least once a week to ensure that there are no problems. There is also a department for international students that you can visit whenever you want to. There are literacy centres where you can take your works or essays in case English is not your mother tongue and where you can enjoy the services of lecturers. Moreover, expert advice is available to you if you happen to experience any kind of psychological inconveniences, and most universities have a small outpatient clinic open six days a week.

    If you are of the opinion that people in your country love and value sports, you have not seen anything yet. The university sports life in the USA is not only great, it is huge. Students feel fiercely proud of the university in which they study and the masses of students filling stadiums around the USA cannot be compared to any other country in the world.

    life in the usa during and after studying


    Living the "American Dream" is becoming more and more difficult. In the country which created capitalism and was a symbol of prosperity and a magnet for a new workforce, leaving the country while still young has remained the only desirable option. The robust tax systems, accompanied by an increasingly complex credit policy and a health system in long-term decline are some of the reasons that have significantly jeopardised the quality of life. The USA is certainly one of the most desirable but also the most expensive destinations for studying. It is recommended that students rather opt for master’s studies since the possibilities of obtaining a scholarship are much higher.

    When it comes to your accommodation, most US universities enable you to live on campus with other students. After you have completed your studies, you can stay for another six months and try to find a job. When you find a job, it is necessary for the company to guarantee for you, so that you can enter the process of obtaining a green card and extend your stay legally, of course.