• Up to five applications to universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, plus all individual services
  • Up to five applications to universities in the Netherlands and the UK, plus all individual services
  • Up to five applications to universities in Scandinavia, plus all individual services
  • Up to five applications to universities in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Turkey and Greece, plus all individual services
  • Up to five applications to universities in the USA and Canada, plus all individual services (except for Ivy League universities – up to two applications)
  • Up to five applications to universities in Asia, plus all individual services
  • One application and each additional application for countries in Europe
  • One application and each additional application for countries in USA, Canada and Asia
  • Documentation package
  • CV
  • Motivational letter
  • Academic recommendation/professional recommendation
  • Help with visa application (preparation for the interview)
  • Help with applying for language tests
The price list is drawn up according to the destinations and complexity of the application and process of obtaining a visa, since each country has certain specificities, and each university has its own business policy related to the application process.
Applications can be combined. Whenever the package includes at least one application for a university in, for example, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, North America or Asia, the price of such a package will be the maximum price.
Applications for Germany, Austria and Switzerland are very time-consuming and require very good preparation before being sent out. The entire documentation must be notarised and requires the addition of a foreign language certificate. Everything is sent by post and it is very important to avoid any mistakes, because if there are any, the application will be returned. What is more, the visa approval period is relatively long and requires thorough preparation. For Austria, it is mandatory to take an entrance examination for a desired programme, and the recent political victory by the conservative coalition has resulted in a stricter visa regime and thorough procedures being required by the immigration department. Switzerland has additional fees that depend on the university of choice. Usually a somewhat "stronger" financial guarantee is required.
The Netherlands and the UK have a fairly similar application process. They have one platform at the country level, where you choose five universities for the UK and at most four universities for the Netherlands when submitting an application for undergraduate studies. This system does not apply to applying for master’s studies.
Scandinavia has its own unique application system, which charges non-EU students €100. The application system is well organised and comprehensive, and all the necessary documents are sent electronically. After that, once the documentation is verified as being complete, the application is forwarded on to the universities. However, each university individually reserves the right to request additional information. The visa procedure is not overly complicated, but does require a visit to Belgrade.
France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Turkey still do not have many different programmes in English, when it comes to undergraduate studies. For master’s studies, the situation is significantly different. However, going by previous experience we know which options are reliable and with the mentioned knowledge, we strive to greatly simplify your search and save you money and time. Each of these destinations has its own specifics, regardless of the similarities. So, for instance, Italy has something called pre-enrolment, Spain requires a medical examination for a visa, etc.
The USA and Canada have quite complex application processes that take a lot of time even when carried out by the most experienced mentors of academic mobility. The student is required to have the necessary financial means already when entering the process of preparing the application itself. On the basis of the submitted documentation, the university issues an I-20 form which is necessary for obtaining a student visa. When it comes to Canada, a WES evaluation (the evaluation process of grades and diplomas) needs to be carried out. In case of such applications, thorough visa preparation is necessary, and due to its sensitive nature it leaves no room for error. For the USA, you need to schedule an interview appointment and you are informed of the outcome on the same day. Due to Canada’s lack of consular representation in the region, the documentation is sent to Austria where the evaluation is carried out. You receive the answer after a month.
Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary are geopolitically and culturally quite similar to the Balkan region. There is no unique system that encompasses all universities at the international and national level, but the process differs from university to university. The Czech visa requires notarisation of the documentation. Poland, Hungary and Slovenia are quite open to students from the Balkans. Slovenia does not require knowledge of the Slovenian language to enrol. Hungary and Poland offer a fairly modest selection of English-language programmes for undergraduate and master’s studies, for now.
Any other combination of country-by-country registration from the stated price policy of the SAT agency is susceptible to change, depending on how you have decided to rank your applications according to the priorities and universities or countries, highlighted in the chosen package. 
SAT Agency DOES NOT COMPLETE the applications for Chevening and similar state scholarships, e.g. the Government of the Republic of Germany (DAAD), Italy, scholarships from the Swedish Institute, French Cultural Centre, Czech Government, etc. The basis of these scholarships is the ability of the candidate him/herself to respond to the high-set bar of the application’s criteria. However, by means of advisory services which bring together knowledge and experience in this area, we can help you fill in any potential gaps in the application by highlighting those key points to which you MUST pay attention.